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iamdust asked: Rondo's been playing so well the last two games. So have Sully and Jeff. It's so good to have my PG back and see some competent offense for stretches of the game.

Agreed! Makes my heart happy. 

Anonymous asked: looking back now, do you think rondo also factors into why paul and kg have no interest in talking to ray? i mean i think obviously the #1 reason was him leaving for the heat, but seeing how close rondo/paul/kg are, and how ray not only left, but in a way kinda orchestrated the media blaming rondo/throwing him under the bus, i feel like it is has to be somewhat of a factor

I think about this far too often because their relationships fascinate me. For what it’s worth I’m cool with Ray now. I was really disappointed with the dirty laundry spree after he left and I still scratch my head because even now he talks about how many times he was almost traded as a Celtic but I understand why he felt the need to move on and I’m glad it worked out for him. And I think Paul and Kevin will be cool with Ray once they all spend a few years away from basketball. (Not so sure about Rondo and Ray.) They’ve known each other for most of their lives. Kevin and Ray met when they were fourteen. They won a championship together and fought so many battles together. Right now they’re just a couple of stubborn old codgers making their last stand. And the media is still squeezing the life out of the old Celtic/Heat rivalry, like when LeBron said something earlier this year about Ray’s departure. Lol. But yeah, to answer your question, I think that definitely plays a factor in whatever strains are still on their relationship. It may have even been a bigger deal to them than Ray leaving for the Heat because the locker room, team unity and trust, is sacred to KG and dragging all of that out into the public breaks that bond. I don’t think Ray said anything directly about Rondo but he didn’t come to his defense either. :|

And also this me over-analyzing (shocking I know) but from what I remember KG was confident Ray was coming back and he was calling him constantly during the free agency process. So maybe whatever was going on between Rondo and Ray was something KG believed could be fixed, or that it wasn’t even a big deal. Of course he believed that. Nothing a little ubuntu can’t fix. Okay I’m playing favorites I’m going to stop talking.

Anonymous asked: i luv your blog so so much! thanks for all posts/opinions/reblogs everything *excuse me while i'm still over emotional after Celtics game vs. Brooklyn* but thank you so much for updating about everything what's going on with Boston


Thank you! This makes me happy. I’m really glad you enjoy the blog. And I will probably be emotional about the Truth and Ticket homecoming party disguised as a basketball game for the rest of my days.


Anonymous asked: one of the many reasons i will never really like stephen a smith is because now whenever paul is mentioned, he feels the need to mention that paul isn't a great person and changed when he won a championship. like, just because he stopped feeling the need to suck up to the media doesn't mean he's a bad person rme, especially when he does so much stuff the community, like doing a ton of events/talks for free even when organizations offered to pay him

That’s strange of Stephen A to say. Most people look at Paul’s career from the opposite perspective. Paul was immature and bitter earlier in his career - some of it was his fault and some of it was frustration. He’s owned up to that. He said himself that he changed and became a better person when he found Julie and when he had kids. Julie was the reason he stayed in Boston in 2007. Paul’s daughter was born during the championship season, as were KG’s and Rondo’s because Celtics mystique runs deep. And Paul’s Finals MVP journey was beautiful to watch because we saw a player who had been overlooked, written off, etc. find himself and find peace. It was like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. He proved that he belonged as a Celtic and as an elite player in the NBA. I don’t think anything’s changed about his on-court persona though, he’s always going to be all bravado and overconfident and raspy trash-talking and I absolutely love him for that. Every team needs that. I can completely understand why he gets on people’s nerves if they aren’t fans of him but I hardly think that makes him a bad person. If he walks around with a little more pep in his step because he won a championship and became one of the greatest franchise players for one of the greatest franchises in sports history, I think he’s earned it.

The best part about it is that he likes to show off and act tough but he’s actually a huge softie who cries when he’s happy and tells his fans he’ll love them forever and makes an Instagram to scrapbook. He buys the best Christmas presents for his teammates and takes care of everyone in the organization and roots himself in his community. 


Anonymous asked: i'm always keep reading your tags bc they are osom! cool blog 2 beautiful theme


This is really sweet. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the blog!


Anonymous asked: loool i love how articles are like ~kobe and rondo exchange compliments like this~ when knowing rondo he just straight up thinks kobe is an asshole and that's why he thinks anything negative coming from him is a compliment. and by all accounts kobe is a douche, so

I never thought about it that way but that makes sense too. Rondo is a genius. We are mere mortals, pawns in his game, so who knows what he means. But this is totally believable and hilarious.

bleedgreen18 asked: Hey olivia!!!

KAYLEE!!! I miss you. <3

lindsaybluth replied to your photo

my favorite is that all the announcers were talking shit about him and then he won

yes!! chuck was like “why is he even in this competition he’s not even in my top 10 celtics” lolol


iamdust asked: Corduroy, girl. Who else would wear, much less buy an all-corduroy suit? Rondo continues to give life from the bench. Also, hi!

And his sock game is unparalleled. #9
Hi! Rondo is getting me through this NBA season and he isn’t even playing. He’s a hero, style icon, scholar and a gentleman.

Anonymous asked: Your blog shows why I love Celtics so much and it makes me emotional.

Thank you. That means a lot. It does the same thing for me and that’s why I love doing this.


Anonymous asked: your icon <3333333 perfect blog 2

Thank you!



iamdust asked: Hey you! How the heck are ya? We should do that thing we used to with microphones, computers, and that evil app Skype. What was it called again? ;-)

Hey! I’m good. How are you? Yeah, let’s do that thing! Rambling about genius point guards? Mourning the loss of the greatest best friends to ever wear green? WNBA goodness?