I don’t really care what people think. The people in my circle do know the type of person that I am and know the genuine person that I am. If you don’t know me, then you just don’t know me. I don’t go to bed at night thinking about what people say about me. If people think I’m a bad person, so be it. That’s their problem. Millions of people only know me from what they see on TV.
 Rajon Rondo on changing people’s perception of him (via wearetheceltics)
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You don’t do charity work for publicity. Well, I know I don’t. Everybody’s different. I feel like if you do stuff like that for charity, it should be from the heart. You don’t have to get exposure for it. The people that you’re doing it for are very grateful. It’s not to get media attention. It’s not to get the NBA behind me. I do it for myself. I do it for the people that need it and I do it because I want to do it.
Rajon Rondo on doing all kinds of charity work always in private. (via wearetheceltics)
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He had done all his homework. He was excited about wearing the headset. There’s part of him that’s like a little kid about this — he was genuinely excited.

I thought he was very good. He knows the team. Obviously he knows the game very well. He’s a lot more technical than people would think. He talked about some of the X’s and O’s. He talked about some of the things being captain, some of the other stuff.

For this to be a success tonight, for me, would be if people that are watching us walk away saying, ‘Wow, he’s a better kid than I thought.’

I think Boston has really missed the boat with this kid. I’m a Dorchester guy, I grew up in the city, and I just think the city has missed the boat in the sense that this is a good kid. He does a lot of good charity stuff outside of the Celtics that he’s never talked about. If BirthdayGate is the biggest offense that he has in his professional career, well, I don’t know what to say about that. That was just much ado about nothing.

Mike Gorman on Rajon Rondo’s appearance as a guest commentator on CSNNE
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Can’t pick and choose when you’re gonna be a leader. If you’re gonna be it, gotta do it every day.
Rajon Rondo, on what he learned from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. (via bosstownsports)
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We liked to play, we liked to win, and we liked to have fun. That’s what made it work for so long. You always hear all the crap about chemistry, but we really had it. We’d take summer vacations together. We’d visit each other’s houses. It was really a family. Plus, I believed in paying guys according to how much they contributed to winning. I stuck to that, so guys never worried about stats. You could have 20 points one game, two points the next, but you didn’t have to worry about that, as long as you helped us win.
Red Auerbach
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I was walking down the corridor between the press room and locker room and he was going the other way. I said, ‘How are you doing, Jon?’ He said, ‘Good,’ then he got about 3 feet by me and said over his shoulder, ‘When are you and me going to do a game together?’ I stopped and I laughed and said, ‘Be careful what you wish for. I can make that happen.’ He laughed himself and said, ‘Why don’t you do that?’

[After telling Rondo it was a go for the Chicago game] Someone — might have been one of the other players — was walking by and said, ‘Go what?’ And Rondo said, ‘Oh, just a little thing Mike and I have going in case this basketball thing doesn’t work out.’ That’s the kid I’m going to trying to bring out on TV.

Mike Gorman on Rajon Rondo joining him as an analyst on the CSNNE broadcast
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I’ve said before, I think he’s shy more than anything else. I think sometimes that is misinterpreted as arrogance by the media. If he can answer something in one word, he’ll answer something in one word. It’s not because he’s trying to tick you off. That’s how he is.
Mike Gorman on Rajon Rondo
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Before I got here I didn’t know Rondo at all. I had just played against him and I heard everything else. Since I’ve been here he’s the closest guy I’ve gotten to on the team. He’s a great leader, great person and a great basketball player. The things he does for the team, they can’t be measured.
Jerryd Bayless on Rajon Rondo (via wearetheceltics)
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Playing with him, you don’t need to force anything. Just get to your spot and he can create for everybody.
Avery Bradley on Rajon Rondo (via wearetheceltics)
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Yeah, I appreciate the hell out of him. I don’t know him at all, but in the playoffs he’s showed that he’s one of the better players in our league. It’s unfortunate he got hurt, but he’s amazing to watch. To be able to defend and make plays for other guys, that’s big. He makes a lot of players that are not really good look pretty damn good. And that’s a key. If you can make people around you better, it makes you one of the top players in our league.
Larry Bird on Rajon Rondo
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He’s definitely unique. I mean, he’s one of the guys that can dominate a game without scoring. And when he scores, it’s just kind of extra, but he can absolutely dominate the game without scoring. He’s court-savvy, and his intelligence is probably his best skill. […] He’s come a long way, man. He’s come a long way. But the one thing I really love about him is his leadership. That’s something I really see. Forget about his physical attributes and the way he can pass and dominate, I just love leadership.
Chauncey Billups on Rajon Rondo
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He stays to himself, but when you get into his inner circle, which is very small, you get an opportunity to see what type of a good person he is. The main thing that I’ve known about him is that he’s a perfectionist. He really works hard at whatever he does because he looks at everything as a challenge. He challenges everybody to be able to increase their knowledge of the game. It might be intense sometimes, but he doesn’t mean any harm or anything negative by it. He wants the best out of each and every player that he plays with.
Josh Smith on Rajon Rondo
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If I haven’t played for you, or you don’t know me as a teammate, then you really don’t know me at all. People get a perception of who I am versus what they read versus actually knowing me. That’s just what it is. That’s just the position we’re in as athletes. That’s the position I’m in as an NBA player.
Rajon Rondo
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I always read how ‘difficult’ he was — and he can be — but I always said, ‘Is he difficult?’ or ‘Is he challenging?’ There’s a difference in those words. Because of his IQ, he’s always going to have some challenges for his coach — or for anyone — because sometimes he’s ahead of you.
Doc Rivers on Rajon Rondo
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