That Old Celtic Magic

I am the history. I am the legend. I am this moment. I am one of 18,624. I am the sixth man. I am three at the buzzer. I am on my feet. I am not Hollywood. I am not South Beach. I am Causeway Street. I am home. I am a Celtic.

Dedicated to celebrating the most storied franchise in basketball, the Boston Celtics.


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Rondo behind the back fake…


Rajon Rondo with the fake and the reverse in the Celtics’ 111-102 loss to the 76ers. (04/04/14)

I definitely hate coming out. If I could play every minute of every game, I would.”
- Rajon Rondo

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Rajon Rondo hits Jeff Green off the bounce for the slam in the Celtics’ 118-111 win over the Pistons.

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Rondo made things a lot easier, that’s why he’s our captain.

Jeff Green

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