Tom Burleson and Dave Cowens (1976)

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Boston Celtics Dave Cowens (18) shown as he jumps up and down trying to upset Cleveland Cavaliers Jim Brewer (51) to get away an inbound shot in their NBA playoff game at the Boston Garden on Sunday, May 17, 1976, Boston, Mass. Boston won the game and went on to win the NBA championship.

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Dave Cowens - 1974 Topps

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The lifelong learner spent his first six weeks engrossed in not just the details of NBA play and the skills of his personnel, but in grasping the immeasurable mystique of the leprechaun. ‘Trying to wrap my arms around why it’s special to be a Celtic,’ says Brad Stevens. He sat for an hour with Hall of Fame player, former coach and current broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn and talked on the phone with John Havlicek. He’s exchanged texts with Dave Cowens. Much more in the present, he met with Rondo in July at Rondo’s camp. ‘He’s a big, big thinker,’ says Stevens. ‘Very intelligent, and a numbers guy. Just great talking with him.’
Hub Fans Bid Kid… | Tim Layden
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Celtics vs. Knicks, 1972

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