That Old Celtic Magic

I am the history. I am the legend. I am this moment. I am one of 18,624. I am the sixth man. I am three at the buzzer. I am on my feet. I am not Hollywood. I am not South Beach. I am Causeway Street. I am home. I am a Celtic.

Dedicated to celebrating the most storied franchise in basketball, the Boston Celtics.


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He’s our scoring rock, for sure. That’s who we go to, and that’s who we’ll always go to. I don’t know if people overlook him or not. I think he’s been here so long he’s just ‘Groundhog Day.’ You just assume he’s coming back year in and year out, and that’s who he is. That’s probably how he likes it. I don’t think Paul cares one way or the other. Paul is one of the leaders, just like Rondo is one of the leaders and just like Kevin.

Doc Rivers

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