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juuudez replied to your post “lol have you seen people…”

Those tags though. Hahaha too true.

I swear half of his turnovers are from tripping over himself. Then again I think his… lack of grace could be one of his strengths too, he wouldn’t be able to make his classic trick shots in the paint if he didn’t have that weird, rickety gait. I can’t even get mad when he falls over and loses the ball because it’s just - it’s so Paul! I don’t know. And his landings after he shoots threes! Hopping on his feet before squatting down like he’s trying to will the ball to go in. What a goof.

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lol have you seen people keep posting iman shumpert 'breaking pierce's ankles' when shumpert clearly pushed him and he was going down before the crossover even happened? not that i expect/think the refs should call something like that the way it played out, but smh at people

I hadn’t paid attention to it before but now I see what you mean. Paul’s not immune to getting crossed but I think he might deserve a pass this time around. 

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