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this or that: Paul Pierce or Rajon Rondo

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I want to run a couple businesses when I’m done. I want to employ a lot of people. That’s why I love doing my camps. We might have more [counselors] than we need, but it’s still good. I didn’t have a lot growing up as a kid, so I just try to give back.
Rajon Rondo
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They come from all over. Four families recently trekked from Alaska, Bibby said. Two more came from Albuquerque, five from California. They come from Philadelphia, Virginia, and all over New England.

'That’s why I want to be here every day,' Rondo said. 'If you have kids coming from, say, Philadelphia, they didn’t come to see me for one day. I try to come every day and show up and actually go on the court and speak to a lot of people.'

Rajon Rondo’s basketball camp has special feel
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Then Bibby explained a chant that they would all learn, one patterned after Rondo’s close friend Kevin Garnett. Campers were asked to beat their chest twice and then shout as loud as possible, just as the former Celtics icon always did to get hyped up.

'We call it the KG,' Bibby said.

Rajon Rondo’s basketball camp has special feel
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I am a Boston guy, I bleed green but I now live in Hollywood . I ran into Rajon at the W hotel in LA. I approached him as an admiring fan but we parted ways as what felt like pals. He came over to us after I expressed our admiration for him. We had some waters together and talked for a little while. He didn’t have to spend time with us, but he did. It was quite the humble gesture, one to the extent that I’ve never experienced with a athlete/celebrity. A moment that left me personally assured & happy to know he’s our captain.

Rajon Rondo sighting | Red’s Army

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[Jo Jo White’s] exclusion from the Basketball Hall of Fame is a common topic when discussing players who have long been eligible but have not been inducted. According to Basketball Reference, White has the highest calculated probability of induction among eligible candidates, yet ranks 156th in Win Shares among 2014 eligible candidates. He and Cedric Maxwell are the only NBA Finals MVP’s, out of that the 19 that are eligible, to not be inducted. lists White as an “NBA Hall of Famer” in his player profile.

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