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Kevin Garnett and Leandro Barbosa — Boston Celtics

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Marcus Smart meets @DavidOrtiz at the @RedSox game before throwing first pitch. #celtics #bigpapi ::

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Kevin Garnett — Boston Celtics

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Maybe the most important aspect of [Doc’s] leadership was his use of the philosophy of Ubuntu, a South African term popularized by the iconic Nelson Mandela. Ubuntu doesn’t have one simple meaning, but it’s a word that signifies respect, unselfishness, sharing, and community. The idea is that, “In order for me to be all I can be, I need you to be all you can be – so that we can be all the best we can be.” Doc would say that if you applied Ubuntu in your house, at your job, in your community, in your county, if you apply it everywhere you go, you can impact the whole world and make it a better place.

How important was Ubuntu to the Celtics? Well, when Doc took the team to the 2008 NBA championship, that word was inscribed into their championship rings.

However, for most of the season, we were not allowed to say the word. Why? Because Doc would exclaim loudly, ‘We’re not there yet!’ In other words, we had not achieved that bond as a team. I didn’t get it. I didn’t know why we couldn’t say it when the team had already been known for Ubuntu for the last four years.

It wasn’t until we were getting close to the playoffs that he finally thought we had achieved Ubuntu. I know I had. I gave myself to the team in a way I hadn’t since I played with Miami. I was through worrying about getting my next player contract; I was an older player and I just didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to do for the team. And Doc let me do just that in a way I had never been allowed before.

Excerpt from What’s Driving You??? by Keyon Dooling
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Rajon Rondo — Boston Celtics

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1977 Sportscaster Bill Russell

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11 Rings

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